Welcome at Tacx

Start your career at Tacx! The over 300 employees at Tacx work closely together to develop and produce technologically far-advanced products, in an inspiring environment in
which learning and pushing limits is paramount. Tacx is part of Garmin and as such, we are part of an international team driven by innovation. When you work at Tacx, you take up
challenges with your colleagues and are constantly looking for how to improve yourself and the products.





Tacx is an innovative company with great passion for sport and technique. This
passion drives the organisation and can be seen in all departments; from purchasing to
production and product development to logistics.






Tacx was founded by Koos Tacx sr. on May 1st 1957 in
the Netherlands.

Family company

Three generations of cyclist fanatics worked together to create the impossible.


Produced in
the Netherlands

All our products are fully produced in the Netherlands

A Garmin company

In 2019 Garmin acquired Tacx, enabling endless technological possibilities.


Highly automated factory

Robots is all you’ll see when visiting our factory.

Driven by innovation

Creating innovative products is what drives our organisation.





Tacx is part of the multinational Garmin and as such we can offer great learning and
development oppertunities. We highly value an inspiring work environment in which our
colleages can grow and more forward in their career path.








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