Tacx is an innovative company with great passion for sport and performance.
Every department, from purchasing and production to product development and logistics, is driven by this passion.
Their goal is a simple one: to develop innovative, high-quality products that inspire you to push your limits.


For the Love of Cycling

Since the company’s start in 1957, Tacx has been highly involved in cycling. This love for the sport has always guided the company’s decisions and made Tacx the innovative leader it is today. When riders required high-quality bike parts, Tacx started producing the products themselves. When riders needed a way to warm up before a race, Tacx made rollers. When riders needed to train effectively during winter, Tacx came out with indoor bike trainers. And when more efficiency was required during training, Tacx made their trainers interactive. To this day, Tacx remains dedicated to serving the needs of fellow cyclists so they can better enjoy the sport.

Future Focused

Tacx has always had an eye to the future. As a company, they have always taken up the greatest challenges and pushed the limits of what is technically possible to create ground-breaking products with state-of-the-art designs. In 2000, they were among the first to connect computer electronics to bike trainers and introduce an entirely new way of training. With the development of the NEO Smart in 2015, Tacx introduced one of the most accurate, realistic, powerful and silent trainers to date. Whatever the future holds, Tacx is poised to remain at the forefront of developing new and exciting technology.




Since 1957

On May 1, 1957, Tacx opened its doors as a bike and repair shop in the Netherlands. It wasn’t until 1964 that they started manufacturing exhausts for mopeds — the company’s first step toward bigger and better things. In 1969, the bike shop in town gave way to a small factory that produced rollers and then indoor bike trainers and bike carriers for cars. What started as a small shop and modest manufacturer has grown into a global brand that develops and offers innovative products for athletes in over 80 countries.

Made in the Netherlands

Tacx takes pride in the fact that almost all of their products are designed and manufactured in-house. This allows product ideas and optimisations to be developed, tested and atomised rapidly. It means that every aspect of design, from molds to final production is all done under one roof. It’s one way Tacx can guarantee the highest quality of products.



For Champions

Supporting cyclists is what Tacx was born to do. They are a technical partner of many WorldTour teams, Pro-continental teams, Continental teams, Women teams, triathletes, ice-skaters, cyclocross and MTB teams. It is this close relationship with professional cyclists and federations such as the UCI that allows Tacx to create the kind of products pros rely on.


Since 2019 Tacx is part of the multinational company Garmin, enabling future growth and opening up great resources and knowledge from around the globe.