This is our application process

You apply to a job opening through the button on the job description page.

Initial interview
We will check the applications and select the best fitting candidates and invite them for an initial interview.
During this interview we will tell you more about Tacx and determine if you would fit into our company culture.
We are curious to find out who you are and what your motivation is for the job you have applied for.

Selection interview(s) & Business case
If the outcome of the initial interview is positive from both sides, there will be a selection interview.
In this interview you will meet the Team lead and a colleague from the team.
During this interview the focus is on the position itself, what is expected in this position and what the work will look like.
What do we expect from you as an employee and of course what do you expect of Tacx.
In some cases, we’ll ask you to do a business case as preperation for the interview.

Job offer
If the outcome of the selection interview is positive, a job offer will be sent.
A job offer meeting will be arranged to discuss the job offer, the secondary conditions such as travel allowance, pension scheme, extra days of leave, etc.


We look forward to meeting you soon!